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Plan to Celebrate a Birthday. Create the most memorable Birthday for any age.

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Plan to Celebrate Weddings and Bridal Showers. Create the most memorable event.

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Plan to Celebrate Moms and Babies. Create the most memorable special occasion ever.

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Plan to Celebrate Halloween and Fall. Create the most memorable Halloween and Fall.

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Celebrate Christmas Time

Plan to Celebrate Christmas. Create the most memorable Christmas and Winter season.

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Life Is Worth A Celebration

Have Fun Celebrating Life Moments!


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Creating Memorable Events


With sixteen years of online celebrating life experience, we know how to make your celebrating one to remember. From the decorations to the gifts and food, we help you build your celebration from the ground up. Check out the portfolio below to see some ideas for your memory making moments.

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Versatile Service


Our wide range of vendors ensure you have the exactly the event you want. From corporate event functions to anniversary parties, we help you find the right thing that works for you. Celebrating Life Moments party planner has many options for your next event.

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A History of Satisfaction


Many agree that when you create the right theme your events are big hits...probably because those who care about making good memories strive for 100% satisfaction. Subscribe to our party planning newsletter and stay updated on whats new at Celebrating Life Moments. We help you with ideas for all occasions, to create good memories.

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